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Media Contact: Rami Sbeiti

It's Never too Late for a Course Correction

In a previous post, I talked about the importance of treating a crowdfunding project as a marketing campaign, always starting with the target audience and crafting the content and the rewards with specific personas in mind. This is something that we didn't do when we first launched our Kickstarter project at Today, we rectified this problem and updated our content. is a powerful cloud technology with a broad use. It's like your operating system in the cloud. It comes with out-of-the-box features, yet it can do so much more based on what applications (SmartApps) you have installed on it. So, it's really hard to narrow down the target audience and talk about how they can use it and what benefits they will get out of it without getting into specific applications.

Since we're presenting the whole platform and not a specific application, we had to focus more on the out-of-the-box features and how they can be used by one group of people. The set of features we selected is the social networking part of, and the target audience is the Social Networking gurus and power users. provides similar capabilities as Facebook and Google+, but it also adds some unique features. It bridges between social networking and blogging like Tumblr does, but goes a lot further. We choose to pick three points and leave it at that:
  • Customizable Microsites with multiple pages. Each page can have its own layout and content. Content can be from posts, likes, favorites and even gadgets that brings real-time content from other sources.
  • Custom Content Forms, where posts are not restricted to free-form text, links, images and videos. One can use one of the many forms in the AppStore (like a Food Recipe) or build their own from scratch in minutes.
  • The ability to upgrade to the paid service where you have your own dedicated Cloud Instance with full control on user permissions, installing SmartApps, and archiving and downloading your data.
Just like Tumblr, your microsite can have it's own subdomain ( or can be mapped to your own domain altogether, in the process, making your microsite a lot easier to access.

It was so hard to leave out the many features has, and the many usage scenarios both in personal and business use. But we choose to keep it simple and very narrowly focused. Next, we will be updating our ad campaigns and social media outreach to match this specific target audience.

We would love your feedback on the new content. Please visit our update Kickstarter page at and leave us your comments.