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Media Contact: Rami Sbeiti

Court the Media

This one should be obvious but can get lost in all of the activities leading up to a crowdfunding campaign launch, so I figured I will do a post on it. One of the best ways to get your message out is to get media coverage, preferably well timed with the launch of your crowdfunding campaign.
In getting ready to launch on Kickstarter, we waited too long to start this activity and relied mainly on press releases, which proved to be insufficient. Instead, you have to do one of two things:
  • Hire a PR firm that specializes in your space and has a proven track record working with the media. Have them show you articles that they facilitated for their clients and identify the specific reports and bloggers they've worked with in your space; or
  • Build these relationships yourself
The latter is more time consuming, but is equally effective, so you better get started on it well in advance of your campaign launch. Here are few tips:
  • Search for articles in your space
  • Identify ten to fifteen reporters/bloggers based on the articles you found, their relevance to your project and the views/likes/comments on each one of these articles
  • If the articles or blog posts have a way to comment and engage, go ahead and see if you can add a value
  • Follow these reporters/bloggers on Twitter and other social media platforms
  • Follow their work and stay engaged
  • Make sure you forward every press release you make to each with a small personal message
  • Provide them with status updates on your progress that you haven't shared publicly including your upcoming crowdfunding campaign
  • Even if you don't hear back, stay persistent and over a period of few months, you will get the interest of two or three of them, which you can coordinate with regarding your campaign launch.
  • And when they cover your product or campaign, make sure you follow up and thank them and stay in touch with updates.
Regardless of the outcome of your campaign, these relationships are worth the investment and continued nurturing.

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