Smart Apps

You don’t have to be a developer to build a new Smart App and upload it into the AppStore. If you have an idea or domain expertise, iume provides you with easy to use browser-based tools to build your idea into an application and upload it to our AppStore. Once you upload your application, you can setup your pricing model and we will take care of the rest.

There are a lot of activities involved in building, marketing, selling, and operating a cloud application or service. iume abstracts out all of the common activities into a highly scalable cloud platform, allowing application developers to focus on the core features of their application and developing Smart Apps.

A Smart App is nimble, mobile, collaborative, agile, and customizable set of functionality that is sufficient to be used on its own by consumers and organizations, yet can be easily integrated with other Smart Apps to provide highly sophisticated enterprise-level systems.

Development Artifacts

Data Templates

Data templates are used to define domain objects along with their data fields, actions, events, and views. Entries of a data template are stored in folders representing the application data, and are used as the foundation for user collaboration. An administrative user can modify any data template, adding additional fields for example, to meet their particular use of the Smart App.


A Smart App can have zero or more portals, each is used to organize a set of related features or target different types of application users (e.g. a customer user can have a different portal than a support user in a customer support type application). A portal can use one of the standard visual templates (skins) or has its own custom skin to reflect branding.


A Smart App can have zero or more workflows associated with different data templates. A workflow contains states, state transitions, stakeholder roles and task assignments. An administrative user of a Smart App can modify any workflow or create their own from scratch to better fit their business needs.


Canned reports are readily available for all data templates. However, a Smart App can include additional customized reports that are commonly used in a specific Smart App. An end user of the Smart App can use one of these canned reports or create their own custom ad-hoc report.


Dashboards can also be bundled in a Smart App and used in any of the portal pages. This provides Smart App developers the ability to offer a fully polished and ready to use applications to their end users. An end user can also modify and/or add new custom dashboards.

Cloud Applications

To take an application and turn it into a cloud-application or service is a major undertaking,  in terms of both effort and cost, creating a barrier to entry into the cloud applications space. iume eliminates this barrier altogether by providing a cloud platform ready to host your Smart Apps and deploy them onto end-user virtual instances (servers).

iume also tracks Smart App installs and end-user access, and provides initial install and monthly billing and payment collection. Part of your AppStore Dev account setup is providing banking information to receive payment for your installed applications.


The AppStore is the place to upload your Smart App installers, provide different pricing packages, and promote your applications. Users of iume can browse the AppStore for applications that meet their needs, select the pricing package that best fit their need, and with few clicks get an instance of your Smart App provisioned and ready to be used on the cloud.

Everyday Life

Work & Business

Take Social Networking to the next level, where you can collaborate with family members and friends on tasks and events, and share information beyond status updates, photos and videos.

Work smarter not harder with a platform that puts you in the driver's seat and provides you with Smart Apps to collaborate and automate your work activities.