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With the rapid adoption of Cloud-computing, today’s desktop and Client/Server applications are slowly being replaced with cloud-based/browser-based applications. This move is fueled not only by the desire to reduce hardware and software costs, but also to support the more mobile and collaborative nature of the workplace, reaching past the traditional workplace walls, to involve stakeholders like clients and vendors into a contiguous business process in the cloud.

Cloud computing requires a new breed of applications, Smart Apps, which are nimble, mobile, collaborative, agile and customizable. Modern cloud applications provide a lot of these qualities, yet each develop their own from the ground up, both reinventing the wheel and subjecting the user to different ways to do the same thing.

Introducing iume, a cloud platform for Smart Apps that abstracts out all common aspects of cloud applications, eliminating the need to keep reinventing the wheel, and providing the user with a common user experience to handle different aspects of their work.

Collaboration & Social Networking


Most business activities involve working with others, some in a well-defined workflow and others in an ad-hoc fashion. iume provides collaboration tools to help your organization with both scenarios. Regardless of what Smart App you’re using, you will be able to discuss objects, assign tasks, schedule calendar events, request approvals and a lot more. Whether it’s a sales lead, invoice, project activity or a trouble ticket, you will be able to collaborate with all of the stakeholders throughout its lifecycle and maintain a record of this collaboration for future use.

Social Networking

Social Networking is an important part of collaborating with others in the new digital workplace. Post important information regarding an object in any of your Smart Apps and solicit people feedback and help. Create pages for key elements of your business, like a department or even a specific project, and use it as a vehicle for disseminating information to stakeholders and collaborating with them.

Custom Data

Each business is unique and might require unique data, so the ability to add data fields to existing data templates or create new data templates altogether is an essential aspect of Smart Apps. With few clicks, an administrative user can open an existing data template, drag-and-drop new fields and save. Accordingly, aside from making your application better fit your business needs, it enables Smart App developers to build nimble applications with the minimum needed data instead of heavily bloated applications just to satisfy all businesses.

New data templates can also be created from scratch in minutes and integrated with other data templates from other Smart Apps. With no programming needed, an administrative user can create new data templates, specify relevant fields, add a tab to a specific portal and specify access roles. A new data template can even be created on the fly simply by uploading a spreadsheet (or CSV) file, quickly transforming your data from a primitive file to an online application with objects that can be collaborated on by all your stakeholders.

Workflow & Automation

iume also abstracts workflow behavior out of applications, simplifying application development and shifting power to the user to customize their applications to better fit their particular business processes. Workflow is an important aspect of business applications that helps implement repeatable business processes that involve various stakeholders. A Smart App developer can include a workflow part of the install, yet an administrative user can tailor it to meet their specific business processes or create new ones altogether.

A workflow can be created for any data template and defines states, state transitions, stakeholder roles and task assignments. Workflow is yet another tool in the platform for automation that fits very well with the collaboration and social networking features of iume.

Reporting & Dashboard

No serious business application can be used without reporting. Accordingly, iume abstracts out reporting into a standard feature that can be used across all Smart Apps and homegrown data templates. It provides pre-canned reports for immediate use, and the ability to create ad-hoc custom reports for one time use or to be saved for future use. Custom reports can specify fields to include, filters, sorts, and grouping. All reports can be viewed in a browser or downloaded as CSV or PDF files.

Dashboards are also an important aspect of modern collaborative applications. You can add dashboards on any set of data to any web page and specify both the aspect of the dashboard you’re interested in and the best renderer to use (e.g. business graphics, tabular data, etc.). Dashboards are a great way to get a bird’s eye view on the state of your important objects like sales leads, project activities, trouble tickets, and expenses.


In addition to the ability of developing your own applications with no programming, Intelliun’s AppStore provides a market for Smart App developers to share their applications and for users to find new applications that meet their needs and install in their own dedicated virtual cloud instance.

Everyday Life

Smart Apps

Take Social Networking to the next level, where you can collaborate with family members and friends on tasks and events, and share information beyond status updates, photos and videos.

Turn your ideas and domain expertise into Smart Apps. With just a browser and no programming background, you can build applications for your own use or share on the AppStore.